Ad Specs

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Ad Submittal

Ad Portal (Send My Ad): PDF ONLY.
Ad Portal cannot accept compressed files.

Photoshop files saved as PDFs are acceptable, but must be set to bleed size. When uploading, select the size for Photoshop PDFs.


All new creative has to be submitted through Send My Ad. Please see instructions below:

1.  You’ll need to create an account here:

2.   Under Actions choose “Send My Ad”

3.   Choose Nails from the Publication drop-down menu

4.   Choose the size of the ad and the issue it’s going into

5.  Choose your file and upload


Send My Ad will preflight your file and issue any warnings. If there are warnings you can fix the file and upload a revised file. If there are no warnings, approve the ad and you’re done!


If you are unable to use our ad portal system (Send My Ad), please contact Production Manager for further instructions.

Carla Benavidez
Production Manager
(310) 533-2456