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Video Specs

Videos are posted on NAILS TV at absolutely no cost and our website viewers can view at absolutely no cost. Please follow these instructions for submitting video material to NAILS TV.  Send the material to NAILS Magazine either via regular mail or uploading to our ftp site (for instructions, contact your sales representative).


16:9 Wide Format (preferred): 640 x 360 pixels
4:3 Standard Format: 480 x 360 pixels


Accepted DIGITAL FILE Formats:
We accept .flv .avi .mov .wmv .mpeg .mpeg2 .mpeg4 
Max Bitrate: 1 Mbps (1,000Kbps)
Max File Size:  300MB preferred (500MB max)
Video Length:  Max 30 min.


• If your video is on YouTube or on your site, send us the link or URL. Include a filled-out copy of the “NAILS TV Submission Form” so that your video can be tagged and credited properly.  Provide a jpeg image to use as the thumbnail or send a URL address where we can pick one up. 
• We can also receive files uploaded to our FTP site. Please ask Brittni Rubin for uploading instructions.
• You can also send us either standard or mini-DVDs. NAILS will charge a per-DVD conversion rate of $200 per DVD (up to one hour). Send the DVD in a protected envelope and include a filled-out copy of the “NAILS TV Video Submission” form.


• Fill out the “NAILS TV Video Submission Form”  so that we properly credit your video submission on the site and categorize it. You may submit your material for as many categories as you deem appropriate.
• We cannot convert VHS or other tape formats, although we can recommend conversion services.
• We can accept video in any language and will provide tagging (categorizing/indexing) in both English and the language provided.
• All material is subject to review. Material deemed offensive or otherwise objectionable will not be posted.
• If you have any questions, contact Sigourney Nunez at or at (310) 533-2491.