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Editorial Opportunities

We welcome contributions. For a complete editorial contact list, see the contact us page.


 NAILS is designed in four primary “sections”: Business, Technique, Health, and Style. Marketers are welcome to submit short stories from the field, profiles, events, news, Q&A, story ideas, including photos and other artwork, directly to the editor.


 We run two monthly product giveaways in our Freebies department. The contest is published both in the magazine and online at Participating manufacturers receive all inquiries, a write-up and product photo, plus follow-up coverage in the winner’s issue. Submit requests for Freebies to



Been hobnobbing with celebs lately? Make sure the news gets into Seen & Heard, a regular section about celebrity nail sightings. All material in this section is also automatically posted on our Hot Off the Presses channel on our website.



For this full-page, technical section, you can submit up to 8 photos and steps of your product, as well as a style or product shot. Provide the following:
> An image of the product
> A description of the product
> Step-by-step instructions
> Four to eight step-by-step images of the demo showing readers what it looks like when following the written instructions.
> Images should be un-retouched. Our graphic designer will make any necessary touchups when laying out the demo. All Demos are archived on NAILS website.


To create a memorable service, many salons take their favorite product and mix in a few special touches of their own. We call these “signature services,” and we devote a regular section to them. Tell us about a salon that uses your products in a custom way to create a signature service, or connect our editors with salons you know about.




 Have you introduced a new product or improved an existing product recently? Our products Assistant Editor Sigourney Nunez  ( will be happy to answer any of your questions about editorial product coverage. Follow these guidelines for submitting items for Product Spotlight:
> An image of the product.
> A press release or description of the product (bullet pointed information, less than 300 words per item is easiest to use).
> A phone number that readers can call to find out more information. Provide a non-800# when possible, for international callers. A website address readers can visit to find out more information.
> All products in Product Spotlight receive a Fifi number (our sales lead generation program) to help you track sales leads.

*All material submitted to the print magazine is automatically considered for our website: All digital images must be 300dpi or above. If images are too large to e-mail, we will provide instructions for uploading to our ftp site upon request or you can send images on CD.