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Nail Art Gallery Magazine

Dowloand the Media Kit

We’ve taken the most popular designs from our online Nail Art Gallery and compiled them into a beautifully designed
tablet edition. It’s designed for a nail tech to show her clients or for a client to show her nail tech.

What can we deliver?

2.24 MILLION pageviews every month.
11 pages per visit.
8 minutes on the site at every visit.
There are over 95,000 images in Nail Art Gallery and growing daily.
NAILS ranks for 13,045 keywords in Google.

With this new tablet version, we’re helping heighten awareness of nail care, fan the excitement for nail products, push salon traffic, and INCREASE consumer awareness for YOUR professional brand. We even have the online audience already established.

Nail Art Gallery Magazine will be distributed online at no charge to nail salon consumers, online nail enthusiasts, and nail professionals alike. We are marketing Nail Art Gallery Magazine to the NAILS email database of 58,000 online subscribers, 1,013,026 Facebook fans, and 56,100 Pinterest, 46,600 Twitter, and 154,000 Instagram followers. We’ll also be promoting Nail Art Gallery Magazine on, on our blogs, in our digital edition and every touchpoint for those who love nails.

What are the benefits of advertising in Nail Art Gallery Magazine?

The reading audience is already established and is interested in the topic.
Get your message directly to the beauty product consumer without the high page rates and low sell-through rates of consumer beauty magazines
Show the professional salon services that consumers can find only in salons.
Show products and step-by-steps for at-home use.
Teach consumers about best salon practices and sanitation.
Use Nail Art Gallery Magazine as a marketing vehicle for your small retail/boutique brand.

1-3 pages........$750 per page
4-6 pages.......$500 per page
7-10 pages......$300 per page
  1-3 pages........$900 per page
4-6 pages.......$750 per page
7-10 pages......$500 per page

Digital ad page – This is like a regular full page print ad that markets your message your way. Add links and social media icons.
Show products and step-by-step designs using YOUR products. These will be archived and stored on
Sponsorships – Coming soon.

Dowloand the Media Kit