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With the full reach of the NAILS brand, which includes NAILS Magazine, VietSALON Magazine, the NAILS Career Handbook, and the annual Big Book, you will reach the audience you're looking for.


  Market Segment

Circulation Description
NAILS qualified subscribers
NAILS Magazine reaches active, engaged nail technicians every month. The vast majority of these nail professionals are responsible for their own product purchases.
NAILS passalong readers 137,260** Though most of our subscribers tell us they keep their copy of NAILS permanently as a reference, 62% say they share their copy with at least one other nail tech. That nearly triples your ad’s reach.
Students, New Nail Techs, School
Instructors, and Administrators
20,000 Get the attention of new nail techs and students as they’re first learning about products and developing product loyalty.
VietSALON Subscribers 18,000

Vietnamese-owned salons account for nearly half the nail industry. VietSALON Magazine is written in Vietnamese and run by a Vietnamese editorial staff with the resources of NAILS Magazine.

VietSALON Passalong Readers 60,000 With an average of 4 nail techs working in Vietnamese salons, your ad message in VietSALON has a potential pass along of 60,000 additional readers.
Additional Distribution 3,499 Bonus distribution on the annual NAILS Big Book goes to 200 consumer beauty and business editors (influencing the ultimate end-user of your products), major trade shows across the country, as well as more than 1,000 international dealers and associations.


*June 2016 BPA Brand Report, Paragraph 1
**Publisher's own data